Course Information

for Personal Computer Repair Department

A+ Certification Preparation (CET212)


Students gain an overview of the A+ Certification process. Class topics focus on the requirements for passing the Core and Windows exams. Using practice exams, students discover their strengths and weaknesses in each area of know ledge. Prerequisites: CET103, CET201 Objectives: ?Understand the requirements of each section of the A+ exam ?Learn how to answer technical questions typical of certification exams ?Review all the objectives of the exams to assure student preparedness ?Use real-life scenarios to understand the job role of a repair technician

Implementing & Supporting Windows (CIS202)


Utilizing advanced features of Windows, students install and configure stand-alone stations and network clients. Students acquire experience in managing resources, monitoring usage, troubleshooting errors and optimizing performance. Prerequisites: CIS102 Objectives: ?Install and configure Windows on stand-alone and network environments ?Understand the structure and functions of the Registry ?Perform routine maintenance on the PC using Windows utilities ?Diagnose and resolve operating system generated errors